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Immigrant Justice Lab (IJL)


The Immigrant Justice Lab (IJL), is a collaborative public humanities project at the University of Michigan.


Contact us at

Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC)


Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC) is a legal resource center for Michigan’s immigrant communities. For legal advice, contact MIRC.
(734) 239-6863

If you or someone you know is detained in Michigan, you have a right to call the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center confidential detention line for free. Ask a jail official for instructions.

Do not sign anything you do not understand. If you have questions, call MIRC.

For examples of forms, documents, and motions you will need to submit, visit

Carceral State Project (CSP)


The Carceral State Project (CSP) is an interdisciplinary collaboration designed to bring impacted communities and advocacy organizations together with researchers from the University of Michigan. The researchers involved with this initiative are particularly interested in firsthand accounts of people directly impacted by the criminal legal system and the many branches of the carceral state.


For more information, contact the CSP.

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